Entry 222

Name: Mildred
Comments: _____ _____

Entry 221

Name: Iris
Comments: _____ _____

Entry 220

Name: Jill Switzenberg
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Comments: I love this CD. I have been listening to it, not to mention
gifting it, for over 30 years. My kids, my grandkids, the
children I nanny etc etc all end up singing or humming
these songs. It is my go-to when I put a child to bed,
nap, or just to sing along. Truly a one-of-a-kind

Entry 219

Name: Jamie Brantley
Location: Nashville, TN
Comments: Hi, I co-composed a song on one of your projects. It's the song Lullabye Tune.
Would love to chat at some point.
Jamie Brantley

Entry 218

Name: Nancy Paulin
Location: Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania USA
Comments: I just love A child’s gift of lullabyes. I bought the cassette with lyric book when my first daughter was born and played it for all my children. Unfortunately the cassette was destroyed by my boombox. I am happy to say I bought the CD and sing to my grandson every night. Thank you for beautiful songs.

Entry 217

Name: Nicole
Location: Indiana
Comments: My experience with your songs started in 1991 when I was born, and my mom would rock me and sing me to sleep to your songs every night, until the tragically passed away when I was seven years old. When my son was born, my aunt gifted me your CD and I immidiately recognized all the songs and still remembered all the words. I played the songs for my son every night and now I play them for my daughter every night. I hope someday they will do the same for their children and carry on the tradition!

Entry 216

Name: Christine Smyth
Location: East Northport NY
Comments: I received A Child's Gift of Lullabyes 29 years ago when my son was born. In 1990 I wrote a letter to you telling you how much I loved the "tape". You used some part of my letter for marketing and sent me a new tape and the Rockabye Collection as I was expecting my 2nd child at that time. My 3rd child also went to sleep with it. 10 years ago I bought the cd for my great nephew. He listened to it every night to go to sleep. Best part was that I still remembered the words to the songs. Now my children and their friends are having babies and I am buying more of the cd's for them. I explain to them that if the cd doesn't calm the baby down it will at least calm them down. I think it is the best lullabye music around.

Entry 215

Name: Krista K
Location: Denver, CO
Comments: It's Christmas Eve 2016, and this will be my first Christmas without my twins- Em & El. They were born Oct. 7, 1999 and from their 1st night home, every night and every nap time we listened to Vol. 2 lullabyes (handed down to us by my hubby's sister) They were, and still are, good sleepers. They both still sleep 9-10 hrs. We homeschooled and I stayed at home. So now at 17 yrs. old they decided they want to move in with their Dad (we divorced in 2010) So I was feeling nostalgic & sentimental tonight, reminiscing about those two little babes and I Googled ya! Thank you so much for helping me survive twins! Sincerely, Krista K.-empty nester mom

Entry 214

Name: Kelly Meyers
Location: Davis Junction IL
Comments: I was reminiscing about my Mother Goose Lamp I had as a child with my children, ages 3 and 6. While I have remembered these songs albeit incorrectly, I have been able to sing these songs to my children throughout their young lives. I have not been able to identify the stories that were on the reverse side of the cassette tape though. If anyone has information on the stories or reverse side of the tape, please contact me! I am feeling nostalgic and want to share this also with my littles!

Entry 213

Name: Alice Pate
Location: Center, Tx.
Comments: I began playing your albums to my first grandchild 18 years ago...and continued with each of the other 3 as they came along. Rachel, the oldest, is off to college this year and the song, "Little Wings", is even more meaningful now. I have a friend who is waiting for her first grandchild and would love to know where I might be able to purchase your beautiful albums for her.

Entry 212

Name: Carolyn GiaMarco
Location: Yelm, Washington
Comments: Hi Aaron, Just wanted to say hello and congratulations, looks like your still going great. I'm living in Washington State now and doing well. It would be great to talk sometime! Carolyn 360-259-2013

Entry 211

Name: Mickey McCullough
Location: Portland, Tennessee
Comments: I received a cassette tape of A Child's Gift of Lullabyes from a friend when my now almost 26 year old was born. I loved those songs. They soothed me, as well as my son, as I held him and rocked him to sleep.When I hear one of the songs now it brings back sweet memories. I have looked for this on CD, but have read reviews where some are by various artists and not Tanya Goodman. What about the one you have on your website? I would like to give them as baby gifts when possible.

Entry 210

Name: Beverly Stapleton
Location: SVG
Comments: Just trying to reconnect to old friends

Entry 209

Name: Heather
Location: Kent, WA
Comments: My brother found the song Wings for me and totally made my day! I absolutely love that song and have been looking for it for over 10 years. I can't wait to play it for my future kids someday. Thank you for such a wonderful song!

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